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Schedule of Charges

Sl. No. Types Of Situation Daily Hourly
1 Customer does not show up for upto 30 mins after the scheduled pick-up time One Day Rental Charged if informed later
2 Towing and/or impounding by any authority due to user's fault Actual charges plus 10% extra towards administrative charges in addition to actual travel charges
3 Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or prohibited recreational drugs Entire Security Deposit forfeited, plus any vehicle damage if sustained will also be payable alongwith any other incidental and consequential costs
4 Driving on medication which prohibits driving Entire Security Deposit Charge forfeited, plus any vehicle damage if sustained will also be payable
5 Driving despite being physically unfit due to any medical condition Entire Security Deposit Charge forfeited, plus any vehicle damage if sustained will also be payable
6 Any consequential damage occuring due to driving after an accident or damage Entire Security Deposit in addition to the entire damage amount along with loss of opportunity cost
7 Registered user NOT driving Entire Security Deposit forfeited
8 Cancellation If cancelled before 24 Hours: 20% of the trip cost will be charged If cancelled under 24 Hours of Pick-up: a charge of 24 hrs of rental cost shall be levied for bookings which are longer than 24 hrs and where shorter no refund shall be made
9 Fuel shortage In case the user returns the car with less fuel than the initial level of Fuel, then the user will be charged 10% in addition to the actual cost of fuel filled up
10 Carrying more passengers than specified capacity Full Security Deposit will be forfeited
11 If ferrying passengers or goods for a consideration Full Security Deposit will be forfeited
12 Carrying pets and/other animals Cleaning charge of Rs. 2000/- is applicable, damage Charges Applicable if any on actuals
13 Pick-up & drop at user's doorstep A charge of Rs. 300/- is applicable for one way + Taxes
14 Smoking A penalty of Rs.2500/- plus taxes in addition to actual cost of repairs for any damages to the interiors
15 Loss of accessories Actual cost of accessory + 15% administration cost + Taxes
16 Returning the car dirty Rs. 2000 + Taxes
17 Tampering with GPS Entire Security Deposit Charge forfeited, and any vehicle damage if sustained will also be payable
18 Driving over speed limit of 120 kmph Rs. 1,000/- for first violation
Rs. 500/- for all subsequent violations
19 Adding external branding to the car Security Deposit will be forfeited, plus any damages to the car will be chargeable
20 Loss of documents Entire Security Deposit forfeited
21 Loss of car key Entire Security Deposit forfeited
22 Extension Charges Informed Extension before 24 hours will be charged 2x of actual rental + GST Uninformed Extension will be charged at Rs.500 + GSTper hr & Rs.10,000 for Luxuary Cars (Fortuner/BMW/Merc/Audi)
23 Additional Kilometre Charges Cost of Rs. 5 per KM is charged for KMS driven in excess of the KMS allowed for bookings
24 Kilometre Capping For reservations which are less than 48 hours in COCHIN, a kilometre capping of 10 KMS per hour applies, for KMS driven in excess of the limit a charge per KM shall be levied

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Self Drive Car Rental Bangalore

Renting a Self Drive car for your commute is Bangalore is an ideal solution than owning a vehicle. Due to Bangalore’s legendary road congestion problems, commuting to the office is more of a pain than pleasure, and all the more it takes out your early morning productivity time by spending more time behind the Wheel. The city punishes you for owning a car; hence it is advised to take urban mobility facilities such as ride shares, Taxies or Bangalore Metro Service for a comfortable trip in Bangalore.

What is a self drive car rental?

In India, self drive car rental is a "rent a car" or "hire a car" service without a driver (Chauffeur). The phrase "Self-drive cars" is not considered as autonomous or driver-less cars.

Things to Note While Renting a car in Bangalore

Renting a self-drive car in Bangalore can be a complicated process as there are multiple car rental service providers. The self drive car market is flooded with numerous schemes such as hiring a car with limited as well as unlimited Kilometers drive options.
Customers who are planning to take a car rental in Bangalore should assess their usage before choosing a car rental option. If one is preparing for a short self drive trip, then it is always better to take a car with limited kilometer package whereas one should choose unlimited kilometer package if you are planning for a long self drive trip.
One should also evaluate with or without fuel schemes too while renting a self drive car as some car rental service providers don't provide fuel. Under with-out fuel scheme, the user of the self drive car should return the vehicle with the same level of fuel as when it was during the start of your car rental duration.
Attention: Some Self drive car rentals in Bangalore advertise their service by claiming car rentals with free fuel; however their Self Drive Car Rental Charges come with fuel cost included in it.

Why Jiffycars?

When it comes to renting a self drive car in Bangalore, There are so many options to choose from. The following are the reasons why you should rent a self drive car from Jiffycars in Bangalore
1. No Hidden Charges – We provide self drive cars with no hidden terms and conditions. Our transparent self drive tariff is competitive for those who would love to drive for a long duration
2. No Excess Kilometer Charges – JiffyCars comes unlimited drive advantage so that you don't have to look into your odometer to see whether you have crossed the limited
3. Door Step Delivery – Self Drive Car delivery at your doorstep within Bangalore city limits
4. Self Drive Cars at Bangalore Airport – We provide Self Drive Cars at Bangalore Airport

How to Book Self Drive Car

One can book a self drive car for rent from Jiffycars by doing the following steps.
1. Select the location and the date & time of your car rental duration in the "date and time" selection box and click "Search Cars."
2. The car rental website will show you the list of cars available for the selected duration along with their car rental charges mentioned next to each car
3. Select the car from the list by clicking the car image to know more about the car rental cost. You may select the desired location from which you would like to pick-up the vehicle else select "Mention Location" and type in the location of delivery
4. Log-in or register with us if you are a new customer
5. Once registered, you will see a final summary of your car reservation. Please accept the Terms of Use statement before clicking "Confirm Booking."
6. The website will take you to the Payments page and Click "Make Payment" icon to make payment for a car reservation. The website will take you to SSL certified payment gateway system to process the payment
7. After making the transaction, you will receive a booking confirmation mail from Jiffycars with-in 5mins.
8. We request our customers to share their id proof & driving license soft copy to care@jiffycars.in for validation and fast hand over of the car.
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