Best Restaurants In Coimbatore

If you are planning, to take a halt at Coimbatore or a road trip via Coimbatore, the following are the recommended top ten best restaurants in Coimbatore, which have stood the test of time. These curated restaurants in Coimbatore are over 10 years into existence.

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1.Leiden – Best Deli 

Head over to Leiden if you are in for some quick bite. The secret of their success lies in their homemade mayonnaise which brings the ultimate punch to your munch. Don’t even think of McDonalds or KFC if you are in Coimbatore.

2.That’s Y Food – Best North Indian Restaurant 

Best Restaurant in Coimbatore
That’s Y Food

This restaurant brings in ambiance and food in perfect accord. Even though the cost is on a higher side, the food, the service and the quantity makes up for the expense incurred. We recommend you to go a little earlier as this place usually gets a waiting line over the weekends

3.S.R.K.P Mess – Best Chettinad Restaurant 

This is a small hidden gem of Coimbatore and is not prominently located. However if you are craving for good Chettinadu food then this is one of those pocket friendly places you should head to. Try their Non-Veg meal that comes with three types of Non-veg gravy making it a hearty meal

4.Sree Annapoorna – People’s Park  – Best Veg Restaurant 

Best Veg Restaurant
One of the branch outlet of Annapoorna

You may find this legendary Restaurant across Coimbatore city and is one of the best budget friendly places to go for a good south Indian vegetarian food. Sree Annapoorna –People’s Park is one of their upscale outlets that serve good South India as well as North Indian food. Their butter roast dosa is a must try if you are in for breakfast or Tiffin.

5.Chin Chinrel=”nofollow” – Premium Chinese Restaurant 

This is an upscale restaurant located inside Hotel Residency and is known for their Indo- Chinese cuisine. Usually Indo-Chinese lacks flavour and taste for Vegetarian dishes however their both Veg and Non-Veg dishes both are excellent in taste and flavour.

6.Peking – Best Budget Indo- Chinese Restaurant

This is a budget friendly Indo – Chinese restaurant and very much famous among college crowd. The food is served fast and in huge quantity like any other typical Chinese restaurant.

7.Cock ka Ra co  – Best Grill Chicken Restaurant 

Best Grill Chicken In Coimbatore
One of the branch outlet of Cockraco

As the name says, this place is known for their Chicken Dishes. Must visit if you are looking to eat grilled chicken.

8.Shahi Grill – Budget Grill Chicken Restaurant

This is another outlet known for their Grill Chicken but you do get Chetinadu food too. This is famous among college crowd due to their budget friendly offering. We don’t recommend this place for people seeking vegetarian food.

9.Seasons – Best Salad Bar 

Best Salad Bar
Seasons Outlet in RS Puram

f you are looking to have something healthier then you should head to Seasons. They do have good variety of salads and a juice, which helps you refresh.

10.Boomerang – Best Dessert Parlour 

Best Dessert Parlour
Boomerang Outlet

This is a legendary place and they are present in multiple locations across Coimbatore. If you are in for desserts this is a must visit . Most of their desserts are based on softy ice cream with combination of toppings.

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