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Things to note while choosing car rental in Bangalore

When it comes to self drive car rental in Bangalore, people have a plethora of options to choose from. Self drive Car rentals give a steep discount to lure the customer. However, one should exercise caution while selecting self drive cars in Bangalore as most of the self drive rental plans comes with different terms & conditions. The following are the list of things to consider while booking self drive cars in Bangalore.

Self Drive Cars In Bangalore

The Limited Kilometer Plan with Fuel

Limited Kilometer car rental is the most compelling and attractive rentals one can find on the website. Many vendors offer free fuel along with the Self drive car. Well, one should understand that nothing in this world is free and car rental is a service business and not a charity. Here Self drive car companies provide the lowest kilometer package to keep the price cheaper and make money by charging Taxi Rate post completion of minimum kilometer package. One could always take more kilometer package at a premium; however, it is not a compelling proposition even if the fuel is free as one is paying higher rent for self drive.

The mentioned Self-drive car rental plan is useful only if one’s usage is minimal and has a well-planned travel itinerary.

The Limited Kilometer Plan without Fuel

This scheme is the most illogical self-drive car rental service plan in Bangalore which we have come across. Currently, many car rental services in Bangalore provide cars with limited Kilometers with fuel at a similar price point. Some players even provide unlimited Kilometer package with an additional maintenance charge added for every Kilometer run.

This self drive car rental service in Bangalore is useful only if one runs out of options else it is a wallet burning proposition.

The Unlimited Kilometer Plan without Fuel:

Self drive cars in Bangalore with unlimited KMs is the most uncomplicated and best car rental plan; In this, the user is charged on an hourly basis and does not come with any hidden terms and conditions. The only condition is that the user is expected to return the car with the same level of fuel at the start of the car reservation.

This rent a car in Bangalore is the best bet if a user is planning for long Journeys or a road trip that does not have exact itinerary where a user is unsure of exact kilometer expected to run. Also, if one knows how to drive economically, then the cost per kilometer will be much lesser when compared to the limited kilometer Plan.

We at Jiffycars, provide all our fleet of Self drive cars with unlimited kilometer package with no hidden charges. Our car rental in Bangalore is as simple as it gets. Finally, we believe that life should not be limited and our car rental service caters to travellers without any destination.

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