Kerala Entry Tax For Self Drive Cars

We intend to help customers with correct set of details regarding Kerala Entry Tax for Self Drive Cars coming from Bangalore so that their journey becomes less cumbersome.JiffyCars is a tech platform, which provides self drive cars for rent in Bangalore & Cochin

Visitors who drive self-drive cars need to stop at Muthanga Check-Post near Kalpatta while entering Kerala via Wayanad. This check post is located right after crossing Bandipur forest while coming from Karnataka via Gundlupete, Often people are unaware of the method of paying state entry for self-driving cars

Kerala Check Post

The following are list of points to remember while taking self drive cars from Karnataka to Wayand

1. All self-driven cars need to pay an entry permit tax or road tax which amounts to Rs.600 for 3 months.
2. During a period of 7 hours from 21:00 hrs to 06:00 hrs, the forest region is closed and therefore passage is prohibited. Customers, therefore, are advised to plan their journey accordingly as during this period they are not allowed to pass through.
3. Transporting alcohol is strictly prohibited. Hence, visitors are not allowed to bring in any alcohol consumables as vehicles are checked at the border. Any alcohol products found will be considered as products intended for sale.
4. Upon paying the road tax or entry permit tax, travelers are supposed to receive a receipt which they should keep during the entire duration of the journey, in the case that other RTO officials want to check the same.

Jiffycars values the safety of their customers. The platform in no way promotes the act of drinking and driving. Travelers are constantly advised to drive responsibly for their own safety as well as the safety of other fellow travelers.


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