Long Term Car Rental In Bangalore


Self Drive cars provided by Jiffycars for long term car rental in Bangalore not only just saves you a lot of money but also has a lot of bearing on a lot many factors as well. Whether it is intra city commute or a long distance trip with your friends and family. With Jiffycars you get the following benefits in the long run.

  • You can experience the thrill of driving all the cars in your bucket list than just buying one and using it for years. With Jiffycars new fleet of cars you can drive from a range of Nano to BMW for Long term RentalMonthly car hire options change frequently and in the quest of competition you are sure to get the best deals for your booking if you are an avid traveler. With Jiffycars you get unlimited Kilometers throughout the year irrespective of the other offers.
  • You can also save a lot of money with short term car rental when you are tight on budget and also it is better option than buying a car if you don’t drive very often. And with Jiffycars, you will only get budget friendly prices which starts from just Rs.800.
  • Jiffycars provide a lot of flexible options while booking self drive cars for long term in Bangalore. This includes complimentary car delivery & pick up option. To top it all, Jiffycars doesn’t charge any late or booking extension fee for long rentals in Bangalore


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