One-Day Trip In Trivandrum – A Self Drive Guide

Places you can visit with-in One day in Trivandrum

If you are visiting the capital city of Kerala for just one day then the following are must see places before you leave the city. We recommend you to spend 6 to 8 hours to cover the below mentioned places. Coz if you have the luxury of time them visit these place at leisure.

Trivandrum is a very humid place and the weather is sultry due to presence of coastline. It is always better to wear cotton dress to keep you cool and carry a water bottle as one gets dehydrated quite fast. Unlike other places, getting drinking water will be difficult in public places, until and unless you wish to buy bottled water from local convenience store. Most the places mentioned below do have local stores near to its premises and hence carrying a water bottle may not be a challenge for you.

The below mentioned places are with-in the city and may require a car to drive around to see the places. We recommend to rent a car in Trivandrum for easy commute.

List of Places to See in Trivandrum:

  1. Kovalam – This is around 15 Kms away from the city and is accessible by Taxi or by hiring a self-drive car. This famous tourist spot is a must visit as this beautiful sea side place has a lot of shacks and shop stall for buying those memorable souvenirs for your loved ones. Kovalam has a beautiful beach side footpath adjacent to coast line and scenic enough for a leisure walk. It also has one of the oldest light house in red and white stripe which brings the classic look of the light house. Even though the restaurant charge a premium on food, it is worth a visit as they serve the best and the fresh catch of the day and coz we always recommend to try sea food over any other food.
  1. Shankumugham Beach – This beach is located right next to Trivandrum International Airport and one need to surpass this beach if travelling from domestic terminal of the airport. The beach has a seaside café called “Old Coffee House” and is located in a neo-classical building. We recommend you to visit this place early morning to witness the fresh catch of the day by local fisherman. If you are interested you could also help the fisherman in pulling the net from the sea.
FisherMan at Bay
Shankumugham Beach


  1. Veli Beach – This beach beautiful and quite when compared to Shankumugham beach. This beach is right next to ISRO and is a paid entry place. One could take boat ride along the beach and you could also witness the formation lake from the sea.
  1. Kanakakkunnu Palace – It is a heritage monument which is located in the heart of the city . This architral marvel was made by royal family of Travancore to entertain the king’s guests. It was used as guest house and used to serve Non-vegetarian food for royal guests as the royal family were vegetarian. Currently this place is managed by tourism department of Kerala. It conducts cultural music and dance festival through-out the year.
  1. Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple – This world famous temple is a must see if you are in town. This temple was a victim of a PR storm when archeologist discovered 6 vaults full of precious stone and gold which is worth more than billion dollar. Even though one doesn’t get to see these hidden treasure (closely guarded by armed guards) , one can see yogic sleep of lord Vishnu. Please note that you need to follow a strict dress code to visit this temple.





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