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There are over 4 self-drive car rentals in Coimbatore. Of course, each of them has their own set of pros and cons which, as a customer, you need to evaluate before availing their services.

Often, customers pick the cheapest of the lot. I mean why wouldn’t they. Don’t you look for deals and offers? Of course, you do. Everyone does.

But here’s where most of us go wrong. We completely ignore the Terms and Conditions that come with these services.

In fact, if you closely read these Terms and Conditions, you would realise that almost always you end up paying more than you had expected.

Let’s quickly go through some of the important aspects you need to consider before availing self drive car rental service from Coimbatore


  1. The Limited Vs the Unlimited Kilometer Plan in Self Drive

Self-Drive car rental service providers come up with all sort of rental packages to hook the customers.One of them is the limited kilometre usage rental plan. This plan is good only if you are dead sure about your usage, and is not recommended for those who plan a leisure travel.Why? Because leisure travel involves exploring new places and chances are quite high that you will exceed your kilometre limit.

Therefore, it’s always wise to take a car rental plan with unlimited kilometre usage. This will ensure that you don’t attract any extra charges from excess kilometres and will be free to travel to your heart’s content.

2.With Fuel Vs With-out Fuel Plan

Some of these service providers in Coimbatore offer rental plans with “fuel included”. So basically all you have to do is take the car, pay its rent and you are sorted, right?Wrong! That’s never the case. In fact, this is one of the most exploited marketing gimmicks of all times. Let us show you how.Everyone loves free stuff. I love them myself. Often these rental plans mention “free fuel”. But that’s not really free. The reality is that the fuel is added to the cost of your rental and sold to you as an all-inclusive
In addition to that, when it comes to “with fuel” car rental plan, the cost of excess kilometres is exorbitant. Some of these self-drive rental players charge as much as Rs. 12 per km.

So, no matter how free fuel loaded these plans sound, you almost always end up paying more than what you bargained for.

Don’t believe me? Let us help you with an example. Perhaps it would help you understand why you shouldn’t opt for Self Drive Rentals with Fuel Inclusive plans.

Imagine Ramu booked a self-drive car from Bangalore airport with a “Fuel Included” plan for 120 km for his one-day visit to Bangalore. He enters the CBD (Central Business District) of Bangalore after travelling 40 km (balance kilometres: 80 km).
Now, he has back to back meetings at 3 locations in Bangalore covering east, west and south of Bangalore (total distance to all three destinations: 30 km). On the way to one of his meetings, he discovers that the road leading to his destination has been dug up for Metro Rail Development.
Naturally, he has to take a detour (unexpected detour distance: 15 km… balance left: 35 km). After finishing all of the meetings, he heads to the airport from south Bangalore as he plans to take a midnight flight back (distance to be travelled: 50 km).

That means he has now travelled 15 km more than the limit in the plan, which is 120 km. That’s why at the end of his journey, he ends up paying Rs.180, over and above his usual rental, for the excess 15 km.

So you see, had he purchase fuel for the extra distance, he would have paid Rs 30 to 40 depending on the mileage of the car. Instead, he had to pay Rs. 180, which around 6 times of what would have paid otherwise.

3. Car Delivery Option

Almost all self-drive players provide car delivery at your desired location at an extra cost. This makes sense. If you are planning to roam around in Coimbatore traffic, you are already looking at a time-consuming activity. Now, why would you want to spend more time in said traffic to get this car? Until and unless the car service provider’s location is near to your location we advise you opt for the car to be delivered to your location

4. Legally certified Self Drive Cars

Self Drive Car Rental

Always ensure you rent a self-drive car from a legally compliant vendor. As per Motor Vehicle act, letting out or hiring private vehicles is against the law. It could lead you in serious trouble.

That’s why you should always verify the self-drive car documents before taking the service.

Since there are a plethora of self-drive car players in Coimbatore, you need to also do a little bit of research by from other users’ experiences. We recommend you to read Google reviews before making a final decision

After all, the best service is what saves you TIME while proving you with the maximum convenience and the best customer experience.


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