Self Drive Destinations in Mysore

Self Drive destination Mysore
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List of Attractions to See in Mysore 

The following are list of places that one can explore if you are visiting Mysore for a day or two. We recommend renting a self drive car as some of the mentioned locations are far of from each other.

  1. Mysore Palace – Well, this destination need no mention as all tourists flock to see this grand palace of Mysore Maharaja. It is India’s biggest Palace and holds the No.1 attract in Mysore. It is located on Sayyadi Rao Road, Agrahara
  1. Chamundeshwari Temple – It is a hill top temple situated 13 kilometers away from Mysore. Even though it has a road leading to the temple, we recommend parking the car at the base of the hill and trekking up over 1000 steps to reach the temple at top. Please note: Climbing over 1000 steps requires some physical fitness and is not recommended for people who has any physical challenges.
  1. Brindavan Gardens – Spread across over 150 acres, it is one of the most impressive gardens of its kind in India. The garden is located 21 kilometers away from Mysore is adjacent to Krishnarajasagara Dam. Don’t miss the dancing fountain that comes live in the evening.
  1. Mysore Zoo – It is one of the oldest zoos in India and is over 100 years old. It is located near Mysore Palace This well maintained zoo is a must visit for animal lovers. The zoo is open from 8.30 am to 5 pm.
  1. Jagan Mohan Palace -Currently this palace is used as an art gallery, which displays royal art collections of the king. It also showcases invaluable gifts received by the king. The Art Gallery is located adjacent to Mysore Palace.

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