Advantages of Self Drive versus Flying For Vacation

Self Drive Baggage AllowanceAre you planning to go on a trip and wondering whether to take a self drive through the long scenic route or book a flight to your holiday destination? Then this article is for you. This article contains the benefits of either driving or flying during vacation.

Driving on holiday offers a whole lot of benefits. For instance, it is affordable and offers the opportunity to see many places. Moreover, unlike when you book a flight, you can take along as many bags as you want without the fear of paying high luggage cost.

If you are going in groups or with your large family, self-driving on holiday offers the greatest benefits. This is because the cost of airplane tickets adds up as you purchase more tickets, whereas a large group can team up resources to save more cost on gas – otherwise, the large group is made up of children! Now you can book a 7 Seater car with self drive car rental players such as Jiffycars.

However, sometimes it is more beneficial to take a flight despite the fact that self drive car rental saves more costs. Your decision depends on several factors, such as fuel mileage, time of year, how much time you have, and where you’re heading to, etc.

The following benefits of driving on holiday versus flying would help you to make the right decision when planning your next vacation.

Self Driving during Vacation Enables You to See More Places

When you book a flight to your holiday destination, even if you are lucky enough to get a seat near a window, you wouldn’t be able to see any places from 35,000 ft. height in the sky. Moreover, when driving on holiday, you would drive through different places and cities and you would have the opportunity to see and encounter different kinds of people and their culture

Take More Baggage and avoid Luggage Fees

Number of Luggages

High luggage fee accompanies while taking a cheap flight For instance, bag check fees cost as much as Rs.3000 per Kg. Hence, if you’re travelling with a group, lots of people, or carrying lots of gears, it is not advisable to go through flight as luggage charges alone may coat as much as Rs.15,000

If one of the reasons you’re going on holiday is to go on an adventure, then it might be better to go by a rented car rather than by flight. Driving during holiday enables you to take along as much baggage and gear as you want without paying extra charges.






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