Self Drive License in India – 10 Things to Note

Self drive license scheme is also known as Rent A Car Scheme is a part of the motor vehicle Act that was developed by the Central Government of India in 1988, The rulebook is created for regulating the business of car rental to persons desiring to rent out cars to the user for a consideration/reward. The act falls under sub-section 1 of section 75 of the Motor vehicle Act.

The following are the key points to remember under this act to attain a self drive license

10 Things to Note:

  1. No person or party shall engage himself in the business of car rental without a self-drive license
  2. The person/operator who is planning to start a car rental business should have intimate knowledge about passenger transport business
  3. The travel operator / Person who wants to apply for self drive license should have an office (Leased or Own Office) in principle place of business with ample space to accommodate reception room, administration room, clock room with locker facility and adequate space to park the cars.
  4. The applicant should have resources to repair and carry out maintenance of vehicles
  5. Should have a one telephone line which is access 24×7
  6. Should have ample fund to continuously maintain the premise and service of the car
  7. Should have not less than 50 air-conditioned motorcars with a commercial permit, and should have comprehensive insurance, fitness certificate for those cars, which are to be converted into self-drive cars.
  8. The applicant should fill up Form1, Form 2 & Form3 and submit to Transport authority for verification and validation.
  9. The applicant should pay related fees along with the form
  10. The applicant should have a garage to with proper tool-set to carry out repair and maintenance of vehicles

The above-mentioned details are just for your reference purpose only. One may refer rent a cab scheme 1989 rulebook for getting in-depth details about car rental permit in India.

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