How to Pay State Entry Permit for Self Drive Cars in Hosur

All Self Drive Cars registered in Karnataka; need to stop at Hosur RTO if one wishes to travel across Tamil Nadu. The user of the self-drive car should produce all documents, related to vehicle, to the concerned authority and pay Road Tax. Please ensure that you receive tax receipt upon paying entry tax. This tax receipt should be kept with you through out the journey as other regional RTO officials within Tamil Nadu may want to check the same.

As on December 2017, the entry tax for a 5 Seater Vehicle is Rs.90/- for a week. It is advisable to get the permit depending on the length of your stay in Tamil Nadu.

Where is Hosur-RTO Located

Hosur RTO is located 1KM from Bangalore Border, on the left hand side while coming from Bangalore. You might miss the office due to its inconspicuous location on Service Road

Regional Transport Office - JiffyCars
Hosur RTO Location Map

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