Toyota Innova For Self Drive

  Renting Innova for Self Drive is the best option when in comes to traveling in-group. These 7 Seater MUV gives you the ultimate comfort and reliability while traveling for long duration car Journeys. Following are the reasons why you should hire Innova for your Self Drive
  1. Toyota Innova focuses on front and rear comfort and also the ride quality which are the two most important things a car needs to have for a long drive and a comfortable journey for the passengers.
  2. The reviews show that the performance of an Innova is also unmatchable in the segment on poor road conditions with great suspensions. And we all know, beautiful destinations are always located in tougher terrains in India.
  3. On the power front, Innova is nowhere lagging than its competitors with a 147.6 bhp in its latest model considering the luxury and comfort it provides for a long journey. It provides you the satisfaction of a zooming ride along with safety.
  4. The third row in any car is restricted and quite disliked by most passengers. But Innova's third row out performs any other car in the segment with more comfort and space relatively.
  5. With a ground clearance of 176 mm, Toyota Innova will be your perfect companion for a bumpy ride and saves that extra cost of visiting a doctor for back ache. And it applies to both the front seaters and the back seaters as well.
  6. There is no hassle when it comes to settling your luggage as well. The Innova comes with a boot space of 300 litres and if somebody doesn’t show up for the trip, you can even fold the rear seats and expand it to almost 760 litres which can further extend to 1128 litres if the middle row is folded.
Book Innova for self drive and drive your way into the wilderness.  

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