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User Policy

Definition of User

“User” shall mean any person who has agreed to become a registered member of by providing personal information such as Name, Mobile, E-mail, Copy of driving license and ID proof


The user of Jiffycars should be 22+ years of Age to use the car rental service

The user should have valid National or International Driving permit and should also hold Identification card issued by government body. (Adhaar Card/ Voters ID/ Passport)

User of our self drive car should also hold credit/debit card for making payment online. No cash transactions are allowed

User Responsibility

The terms and conditions prescribed below are enforced by the vendors who have listed their vehicles in accordance to Rent a Cab Scheme of Motor Vehicle Act,1989. The User should follow ensure the following terms and conditions are followed while hiring the car from Jiffycars.

  1. The self drive car should be used by a registered member of Jiffycars and should be the same person who have made Reservation in Jiffycars portal
  2. The User should not sub-let / sub-lease the self drive car or its use to any other person whomsoever
  3. The User is not allowed to take the self drive car outside India
  4. The User is the solo custodian of the self drive car during the reservation duration of the vehicle
  5. The User will be held complete responsiblity of any damages / loses which occur during the time of reservation
  6. The User shall be solely responsible for payment of any and all toll or other road/parking charges/inter-state taxes /permits charges as applicable during the Hire period
  7. The User shoud drive strictly in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the manufacture of the vehicle in the manufacturer’s manual supplied along with the vehicle and also strictly in accordance with applicable law of the land
  8. The User Shall return the vehicle, to the agreed return location and on the date and time of specified in the Reservation sheet, unless the user requests and Jiffycar agrees to an extension
  9. During an unfortunate event such as accidents , the user should inform Jiffycars through Helpline line provided in its website (Helpline Number : +91 80 6191 4121)
  10. The User should follow all the compliances mentioned in Schedule of Charges
  11. The User should pay all charges such as towing charges,impounding charges,toll charges,parking ticket charges during the Rental period
  12. The User is not permitted to use / drive the rented car:
    • To carry number of persons (excluding the driver) exceeding the permissible number specified in MVT Law
    • For illegal or unlawful activity or purpose
    • In any motor events / Rally / Convoy
    • For Speed Test / Driving Test & Learning
    • Beyond the Speed limit of 80 Km/hr
    • Under the influence of alcohol /recreational drugs
    • If the User is having any diablity which may cause his/her driving ablity or which is likely to cause a source of Danger
    • For Travel outside the boundaries of Republic of India
    • For Travel in regions which are affected by natural calamities / Terrorist active zones
    • For Travel in regions prohibited by law
    • Abandon the Vehicle after an accident

24/7 Support

Contact Details

Jiffy Cars
Fortius Waterscape,
Seegahalli, KR Puram,
- 560049

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rent a car from Jiffycars?

Yes, if you are 22 years old and hold a valid driving license. You need to furnish an ID proof which should be issued at least one year before the pick-up date.

What documents do I need to furnish?

As per the law of the land, you need to provide a photo copy of the original driving license and a valid proof of address and it can be ONE of the following documents:

  • Voters Id
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport

You will need to show an original ID proof at the time of pick-up. This is a part of our double-verification process.

Do I need to pay for fuel?

Yes, since our tariff doesn’t include fuel cost. This needs to be borne by whoever is renting the car. We also expect our customers to return the vehicle with the same level of fuel as the time of pick-up.

Can I drive the self drive car across India?

All our self drive cars can be driven anywhere across India. However, the inter-state road taxes and road tolls should be paid by the customer while crossing the border of each state.

Will I be charged for over-speeding?

The customer is entitled to drive the rented car up to 80 Kms/hr. Any speeding over 80 Kms/hr will be charged Rs. 1,000. (Refer Schedule of Charges to understand more).

Can I drop the self drive car at a different location?

No, you will be required to drop the car at the location you picked it up from.

Do I get emergency assistance at the time of an unexpected incident like an accident?

Yes, your safety is our main priority. You may call us on +91 80 6191 4121 for any kind of assistance during any unforeseen event.

Can I travel with my pet in the car?

You may travel with your furry friend at an additional cost of Rs. 1,500 per trip. Additional charges may apply if the car interiors are damaged or returned in a dirty condition. (Refer Schedule of Charges to understand more).

Can I extend my booking?

You may extend your booking by calling our customer care

  • Informed Extension before 24 hours will be charged at Actuals with 20% surcharge
  • Uninformed Extension will be charged at Actuals with 75% surcharge
  • Informed Extension before the start of the Journey will be charged at Actuals. Extension subject to Car availability

A payment link will be shared with the customer for further booking extension payment.

What if I return the car late?

We do give our customers 1 hour as buffer time to return the self drive car at the end of the reservation period. One Hour Buffer time is applicable only for cars dropped by Customer. Any subsequent hours of delay will be charged at actuals with 50% surcharge

What is the maximum liability if I damage the car?

The maximum liability for damages will be up to the total Security Deposit paid by the customer. However, it is subject to the terms and conditions mentioned in the Terms of Use document.

For any further questions/enquiries, please write to us at or you may reach us at +91 80 6191 4121.

Do JiffyCars come with Unlimited Kilometres driving option?

Yes. Unlimited Kilometres drive is available for bookings over 48 hours only.

Rent A Car in Cochin

Rent a car at Cochin without driver and break free from Taxi Unions and save more by driving a self drive car. Our self drive cars are legally compliant and can be driven anywhere across Kerala. Renting a car for self drive is the ideal solution if you are planning to visit Cochin for leisure or business. Our vehicles can be delivered at Cochin Airport or City Railway station at an additional cost so that your commute in the city will be hassle-free.

If you want to rent a car in Kochi, there are multiple car rental service providers in the city however we request you to consider the following points.

1. Kilometre Limits - While renting a car, please check for Kilometres included during your car rental duration. The city of Ernakulam is 94 Kms in radius, and a person needs to calculate the kilometer usage as almost all self-drive car rental player charges extra for excess kilometer usage ranging from Rs. 4 to 8 per Kilometer.

2. Using a Taxi for Commute - Using traditional Taxi can be an expensive affair as at times there is a flat fee for availing tourist taxi and the customers usually pay anywhere between Rs.1000 to Rs. 2000 for 8 Hrs and 80 Kms ride package and ones to pay the chauffeur extra for their food & parking charges. This is why renting a car without a driver is cheaper as one gets a self drive car for as little as Rs.1000/- for 150 KMs for 24 Hrs.

3. Renting a Private Car - There are so many un-organized self drive car rental service providers in Cochin. We request all NOT to avail rent a car service from such players as they are not approved by the state as well as National Laws. Renting out private cars are illegal, and you can be caught at the wrong side of the law if met with an accident. The insurance claim for such vehicles are void, and the user of the car will be forced to pay for complete damage of car as well as 3rd Party damages. We at Jiffycars highly recommend the visitors to refrain from such services. You might get a cheap car for rent, but one needs to be cautious.

Self Drive Cars in Kochi

The following are the list of reasons why you should rent a self drive car in Kochi for your leisure trip.

Cochin, also called Kochi, is the financial capital of Kerala and is the queen of the Arabian Sea. This southwest coastal city was once a major hub for Spice Trade for many European traders, and it is still a major hub to this very day. The town has multiple haute cuisine restaurants which provide ethic Kerala to fusion European cuisine. If you are a foodie, Cochin can be a hidden food paradise where one needs to drive from coastal places like Cherai to back-water lakes of Alleppey to taste different types of seafood the city has to offer.

1. Chinese Fishing Net: Also known as Cheena Vala is a huge net which is stationary and is located near to a Lake. This huge fishing net was introduced by the Chinese traders in the 14th century when they came to Kochi for the spice trade.

2. Paradesi Synagogue: It is one of the oldest Jewish prayer hall ever built in India. The word "Paradesi" means "foreigner" and was constructed by Spanish Speaking Jews in 1568. This marvelous church is located at old Cochin known as Jew Town.

3. Fort Cochin: This location in Cochin is famous for it's Dutch, Portuguese and British Colonial architecture. It was once a major trading hub for spices. At present, this place a hot spot all tourists as it has chic & upscale cafes and eateries to satisfy every palate.

These are the must-see attractions in Cochin, and one needs to rent a car for self drive to see all these places at leisure. We highly recommend renting a car without a driver as one needs to walk the path of early explorers and cherish each moment of it rather than rushing to see these places.
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